Operation Helios was founded in 2010 by Liam McBride-Kelly and Riccardo Miceli Mcmillan. At the beginning of this project, we were both 13, with little electronics experience. We built our knowledge over two years, eventually launching a high altitude balloon in April 2012 from Tamworth, New South Wales. Helios 1 was a relatively simple craft, consisting of a camera, three tracking systems and an emergency cut down system.

Following the launch of Helios 1, Riccardo moved on from the project, and we saw Leon Shen join the team for Helios 2. With Helios 2 we intend to apply our knowledge from Helios 1 to a more complex system. We are attempting to capture seamless panoramic video from the stratosphere.

During the early stages of development of Helios 2, we were approached by Brisbane radio station Nova 106.9 with the proposal to launch bobbleheads incarnations of their flagship presenters, Ash, Kip and Luttsy to near space.

We are currently working towards the launch of Helios 2.